• Do I need more than one estimate?
    You are not required by law to get more than one estimate. Most insurance companies will accept one estimate from the repair shop of your choice.
  • Can my insurance company make me repair my vehicle at their “preferred shop” or a shop of their choice?
    Insurance companies cannot steer you into a particular shop of their choice or their preferred shop. You choose the shop you are comfortable with to repair your vehicle.
  • Can you pay my deductible?
    The deductible is your responsibility as the owner of the vehicle. It is paid to the shop after completion of the repairs. If we include or hide the deductible in the estimate, we would be committing fraud against your insurance company. Any shop who covers your deductible could be compromising the repair and safety of your vehicle.
  • How can estimates vary so much?
    Differences in repair estimates are common. An estimate can be lower or higher according to the repair procedures, part prices, or labor rates. If you are not sure why one estimate you have received is different from ours, please ask us. We will explain how your vehicle will be repaired at Finest Auto Body & Glass.
  • Do you have loaner vehicles?
    We have loaner and rental vehicles available for our customers.
  • Can you tow my vehicle?
    We are able to tow your vehicle using a flat bed trailer. If you are out of town we can bring a loaner vehicle to you and tow your vehicle back to Langdon for repairs. If an outside tow company in this area has been hired to tow your vehicle, tell them to tow it to Finest Auto Body & Glass.